Modern Charcuterie on a mission

Grazing Kitchen provides modern grazing boxes that promote unique and positive social experiences through food. We use high-quality meats, cheese, and ingredients for our grazing boxes because we believe in  high quality food, and modern charcuterie ability to create quality experiences that leave lasting impressions and memories with friends and loved ones.

We want to elevate your social experience with your friends, family and loves by creating an interactive food experience that you can share or gift.  Smile, gather, laugh and graze together while creating last memories around these beautifully designed grazing boxes and boards. 

For the love of cheese

Hi There!

My name is Laina and I am the owner and creator of Grazing Kitchen here in Costa Mesa, California. Grazing Kitchen is the combination of my love for all things cheese and the gathering of loved ones over the pure bliss of food and drink. The concept of Grazing Kitchen started with just a few friends and a quiet get together at my house with an elaborate cheese board that I had created.

We took a few photos and posted them on social media to share our love of cheese boards and unintentionally created a post that unleashed a cheese community! I knew then, after the overwhelming response of positivity from my local community, that I needed to create a way to share my passion.

Lo and behold, Grazing Kitchen was born! A unique take on charcuterie grazing boards that are all made to order and delivered right to your door!

-Grazing Kitchen

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